Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Capacity Building

Develop a collective understanding of DEI and the skills needed to integrate equitable practices into vision, organizational culture, and policies. Our work:

  • Acknowledges the interdependence of personal, collective, and institutional systems.
  • Builds inclusive practices and people-centered approaches that move away from whiteness or dominant culture.
  • Engages the heart and the mind.
  • Is critical and compassionate of the role we play in upholding an oppressive system.

coaching & CONSULTING

Individualized or group coaching for leaders and staff as they develop the adaptive & technical skills needed to integrate DEI learning, with an emphasis on inclusive leadership practices.

Consulting support for individuals and organizations seeking guidance on the next steps in their equity journey.

Organizational & School Culture Assessment

Better understand the dimensions of an inclusive culture and assess current organizational opportunities & needs.

Healing Retreats 

Healing that is grounded in a social analysis of power & privilege is critical to transformation. Because trauma compartmentalizes us, healing is necessary to integrate us and expand our sense of possibility.